Hello, world!

For many years, I have had grand plans to develop a cool website for gentrified.com. Sadly, I have not yet found the time, although over the years I have been using the domain on and off to receive and send emails.

How much for gentrified.com, gentrified.net and gentrified.org?

Quite often, I get inquiries from people who are interested in buying the domain. I got weary of answering emails, so I thought I would offer a generic answer here.

Apart from gentrified.com, I own gentrified.net and gentrified.org. The short answer is that I am not interested in selling the domains, and certainly not for the kind of prices offered by the professional domain dealers who keep writing to me hunting for a bargain. I would be quite happy to pass the domains on to my grandchildren, who will pass them on to their grandchildren.

That being said, if a serious company came up with a million-dollar offer for the bundle, I would have to consider it, as that might go some way toward paying for some kids' education. At any rate, if you can't at least come up with something in the six figures, don't bother writing.

In the meantime... There are an infinite number of names out there. I'm sure you'll find a good one.